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Witches’ Alphabet Oracle Dice

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The Theban alphabet is a witches' code to conceal magickal writings and spellwork dating back to the Middle Ages. I designed this set of 13, six-sided, wooden dice featuring the letters of the Theban alphabet, as well as the four circular Judeo-Christian symbols for the elements, plus the symbols for the Horned God, Triple Moon Goddess and a pentagram.

You roll the dice and look for meaningful words or messages from the universe by decoding the Theban script and using your intuition to interpret any of the other symbols that may appear when casting the dice. You may also want to use them to purposely spell out words or simply concentrate on the energy of one or more of the other symbols. There is no wrong way to use the dice. They may even be used for divination, witchcraft or communicating with the other side.

The dice are made of Beech wood and can even be scented with your favorite essential oils. I have included two cards with the dice, one giving a little explanation of how to use them and the other is to help you decode the symbols featured on the dice. They come in a 4"x6" white cloth drawstring bag.

(precious stones not included)

last photo is of two sets of dice to show you which symbols correspond to the English letters.