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Witches’ Alphabet Oracle Cards

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I created this set of alphabet cards to help you learn Theban, a witches’ alphabet used to enhance your spellwork, encode your writing and for ritual. Each card has a letter from the English alphabet with the corresponding letter from the Theban alphabet. Please note I and J share the same letter as do U and V. Each card also has a drawing of an object that starts with the letter and the bottom of the card has the word in Theban for the object. For example, A is for athame.

These cards can also be used for oracle readings, as each image holds its own meaning. I’ve also included the symbol used in Theban to break up sentences, a period essentially.
These cards can be used in a Lenormand style spread if you choose to include the card with the person which represents you. For example, you could shuffle and lay them out in four rows of seven cards. Read the cards that fall around the person. Or, put the person in the middle and lay out eight more cards around them in a three by three grid. Or, shuffle the cards and read the two cards that are sandwiched around the person. 

There are also two cards to give you ideas for interpreting the images and another card to explain how to use them, as I basically just did.

Cards are 2.5” by 3.5” and come in a black drawstring bag.