Transparent Vinyl Sticker of the Three of Swords - White lines

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Now you can get my design of the Three of Swords in the form of a vinyl sticker! I designed this to fit on your phone or wherever really...

This one has white lines to create the image and the negative space is transparent.

This card is about growth through a painful situation, or by having to cut out something from your life that isn't working, making sacrifices...

The sticker comes with a white backing so it is hard to see the image in the photograph, so I stuck it on a candle to show you how it looks.

It measures 2.75" x 2.5"

It is great for decorating a glass candle holder, on your laptop, as a car decal, on your window, on a mirror, on your cell phone case or wherever you want!

Candle and phone case not included.