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Moon & Sun Tarot Divination Coin

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This divination coin features my prints of The Moon and The Sun. The coin is 1.5” D and comes in a yellow velvet drawstring bag.

We all need help making a decision every now and then. Sometimes we act too quickly without thinking or hesitate and spend so much time weighing our options that we do nothing. If the coin lands on The Moon, you could see it as a warning to take caution or allow thing to unfold slowly. If it lands on The Sun, trust that all is in order for you to proceed ahead, but don’t get burned by being too optimistic either with that Leo energy. 

Assign a yes and no to each side or two options you’re deciding between before you flip the coin.

Flip or spin the coin and read the first symbol you notice. Symbols can be interpreted intuitively, but I’ve also included some suggestions below.

Use it at the end of a Tarot reading when there is an ambiguous final outcome or to empower the seeker on their next steps. 

Use the coin as a deck weight for your Tarot cards or carry it around with you like a lucky charm or for your spur of the moment divination needs.

You could also flip or spin the coin on a piece of paper. Divide the paper into four quadrants and assign meaning to each one and read the coin in relation to where it landed. You could do the four elements/directions for example.

Spread your Tarot cards out on the table and flip or spin the coin. Flip the card over where it lands and read it in relation with the side of the coin that appears face up.