Popshop Live

Shining Moon Studio is now on Popshop Live!

Sign up for free using my Invite Code: TAROT

If you're not familiar with Popshop Live, it's basically a mix of the home shopping network and going live on Instagram. I'll be live streaming from home and showing my products, which you can buy instantaneously while watching. There will also be games, deals and prizes!

How to use Popshop Live

1. You can shop directly from the window above, the Popshop Live website, or the app.

2. You can download the app from Apple or Android.

3. When you make an account it will ask for your phone number, name, email, username and an INVITE CODE. Type TAROT as the invite code to access my profile.

4. Add a shipping address. (USA addresses for shipping ONLY.)

5. Add a payment method. It will let you use Apple Pay, but keep in mind that Apple Pay is often slower and items can sell out before it processes your order.

6. Shipping is $5.99 flat rate to anywhere in the US. As the store releases an item, you can purchase it immediately. At the end of the show, your purchases will be combined and you'll pay $5.99 combined for anything up to 5 lbs.

Downloading the app is free and it's a fun way to see me and my work. I may even do some live printing and card readings too. So, make sure to sign up, follow my shop and get on the watch list for my upcoming shows!