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Tarot Lesson - 60 Min.

Regular price $75.00

I offer live 1 hour Tarot lessons for beginner/intermediate level aspiring readers on Skype. Reading the cards well is about using your intuition, but it helps to have a basic understanding of the cards and how they work in a spread. I am going to teach you a system to help you remember the meanings behind the cards so you’ll feel more confident giving readings for others or yourself. We will break the deck down into sections so it won’t be so overwhelming. If we have time or if you’re more of an intermediate Tarot student, then we can spend the time more on practicing giving a reading and how to interpret cards based on positions in a spread or simply how multiple cards can be read together. I can adjust the lessons to your needs and focus on specific topics or questions you have. I suggest having a deck and a notebook ready. I will also send you a document with a basic guideline for the lesson, but it can help to take notes.


After you pay for your lesson, we will be in touch to schedule a time to meet on Skype.

Once a time has been confirmed, the lesson will be considered nonrefundable.

If you need to reschedule, please contact me with at least a 24 hour notice, otherwise the reading will be canceled and there will be no refund.  In this case, you may opt to pay a $10 fee to reschedule your lesson.

I have the right to cancel a reading at any time, before or during the reading if I feel uncomfortable due to offensive language or inappropriate behavior.